Tour 1.  Discover young designers in one of Vienna's hippest and trendiest neighborhoods.

Lucie will take you on a journey through a cross-section of several creative designer shops she has carefully selected and mapped out. Not only will you see some of the best fashion and accessories, you will also find designers using eco-friendly and fair trade materials. You have the opportunity to buy something exceptional and sustainable – a double reason to be a happy shopper.
*This tour runs approximately 3 hours, or possibly longer, and costs 35 Euros based on 6 to 8 persons.

Tour 2.  Discover the chic, unique and fine goods that Vienna's inner-city is known for.

You won't find Trachten or Torte on this tour - come on a journey with Lucie through charming streets to the hidden corners of the 1st district to find some of the best modern jewelery designers, fun fashion and accessories for women, and of course, delectable treats to satisfy any palate. All the shops on this tour carry unique and high-quality items that you won't easily find elsewhere.
*This tour runs approximately 3 hours and costs 35 Euros based on 6 to 8 persons.

Tour 3.  Deluxe, de-lovely and delicious!  Wonderful things to see, smell, taste and touch and of course, wear!  

So close to Vienna's culinary mecca, the Naschmarkt, you will explore some of the city's newest and most interesting shops in the Freihausviertel, 4th district.   You will also be introduced to some of Vienna's outstanding social projects.  Discover local homemade delicacies, organic cosmetics, ingenious upcycling and chic couture all on one tour! 
*This tour runs approximately 3 hours and costs 35 Euros based on 6 to 8 persons.

Tour 4.  Austrian Luxury, exceptional and original.

Generations of traditional craftsmanship transported onto exquisite and functional modern designs from head to toe to tabletop. This tour is all about ultra-chic Austrian Design using the finest materials from silk to silver, linens to leather. Architectural elements combined with poetic brilliance. Towards the end of this tour you may choose a visit to the home of Austria's largest selection of wines and spirits or meander through a notable design shop and discover it's eclectic collection of home accessories and art publications. There are hidden gems of history around every corner and an unforgettable shopping experience awaits.
*This tour runs approximately 3 hours and costs 35 Euros based on 6 to 8 persons.

Lucie! Lucie!

Fashion Fridays!

Please check the Shopping with Lucie! Facebook page for more information.

Custom Made Tours:

Über-Urban.  Discover urban street gear in 8 great skate and street culture shops from designers in Vienna and beyond. Threads and treads, limited editions and art exhibitions for boys and babes of every age.

Baby Mamas.  For babies, mamas and the people who love them.

Männer mögen Mode auch.  If you're a man, or you know a man who doesn't like shopping, but likes looking sharp; or the guy who just needs a special piece to update his wardrobe or his home, then have no fear, your tour is here!

Home Décor.  Discover a wonderful world of Home Décor from here, there and everywhere. From the simple elegance of Northern European (but not IKEAn) to the romantic French Countryside, from the alluring artifacts of Asia to the vibrant colors of Africa, from our vintage past to our practical present, and into the future with attractive and innovative up-cycling, it can all be found on this distinctive home décor tour. If you're searching for something which invites comfort or conversation and makes a house a home this tour will motivate and exhilarate your inner interior decorator.

*The duration of the tours depends on the number of enthusiastic shoppers participating. The tours are available on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons year round. Additional days are available upon request. At this time, all bookings are made by appointment. Please call or write with the date you have in mind and the number of people interested in Shopping with Lucie!

All tours are designed and personally lead by Lucie. All tours are walking tours and it is advisable to wear appropriate clothing and shoes for the weather. Also, please keep in mind, Vienna is a very old and romantic city and part of its charm are the pretty cobble stone streets and narrow sidewalks. Shopping with Lucie! is not responsible for any injuries incurred from start to finish of the tour.
Non-EU residents are entitled to a refund upon departure through Tax Free Shopping. Forms are available at selected shops.

At this time there are several shopping tours in development. If you would like to be informed of when new tours are added, please join the mailing list.

*35 Euros p/p based on a minimum of 6 persons. If you are an individual interested in a tour, please don't hesitate to contact Lucie to make special arrangements. There's plenty of fun for three, two, or one! Contact Lucie for details.
*Additional appointments can be organized during the holidays.